Toys and toys and other things….

So I just wanted to check in with you all. I went to Petsmart twice this past weekend,and if someone could have a shopping addiction I think it would be there. I don’t even care that things are sometimes overpriced and I know I am going to be leaving with other items I never needed nor intended to buy. But I just love the atmosphere, fish, and birds to look at, but the funnest part of all is you can bring your dog there, and have the shopping trip with him 🙂
So maybe I bought some things I didn’t need, but for the most part I think I did good. I got somethings I will actually need like a couple filters for my betta, as well as toothpaste – trying to get into the routine again of brushing their teeth every we’ll see. And then the toys and how they held up.

The little blue gummy bear "kong" I was hoping to be indestructable...lasted two days, pretty good compared to all the other toys, except definitely then not worth the price tag

The little blue gummy bear “kong” I was hoping to be indestructible…lasted two days, pretty good compared to all the other toys, except definitely then not worth the price tag

wp2wp4wp1Do you guys know of any very durable toys that might be found in canada, if so let me know!

Also the winner of the new betta name is…Phoenix. And perfectly given I think as well!

Quick video post & name poll

So not much besides painting painting painting is new. Though the betta has settled in very well and Kirby got into some tomato sauce, which is all in the video below! Have a great week everyone! 🙂 Also I am putting up the pole for the name of the fish by all your suggestions. So vote! 🙂

*Also meant to put in the name “Miracle” but forgot! So if you think this one speak up!

Settling in, everyone included, plus a little edition.

Hey everyone.
So happily I am finally settling in to my new surroundings for the time being. This is actually not going to be my permanent home, but either way it was nice to finally have things set up how I want them. This of course, includes my room which I will be painting Duck egg blue in the coming weeks:) Its the search for this paint at this location that is what led me to get my newest addition. I walked by and like a rabbit seeing carrots for the first time could not help but take a gander at the little fish displayed. It was just about time for the reasonable side of my brain to start reminding me that not only did I promise never to buy a fish from this place (as its a place that shouldn’t really be selling fish… my opinion) but this was a spur of the moment thing, something I did not need after moving to a new place in just over a week. Either way my heart strings were pulled at seeing this almost lifeless little betta crammed in the back row, looking small, sickly, and laying on the bottom of his cup almost sideways. He in no way was a pretty betta, and I couldn’t see someone out of all the beautiful ones being shown ever picking him, and to me at least he had very little time left anyways. So against my better judgement I took him home, quickly un-boxing cleaning and setting up a small (2 gallons) but decent enough aquarium I still had stored away. Adding, some smooth stones, a silk plant I still had lying around, a filter and heater (-canada) I was hoping I could give a little hope to this down and out fish. I had never seen one this lifeless and on the verge of something awful, so him making it past the first few days would be a accomplishment in itself.
Luckily I am glad to say the little guy did make it. Not only that but he is swimming up a storm, eating like a pig, and has changed from a white-ish pinkish colour to having some beautiful turquoise fins and what appears is going to be a deep red body. Kirby was a little intrigued but once figuring out it wasn’t something he’d be able to get out and “play with” has just become another decoration. To me a fish is a very peaceful pet to own, and if you have fish yourself you’ll know exactly what I mean, and will not be surprised considering my love for any sea creatures.
Thank you everyone for your kind and very helpful tips in the comments on how to help Kirby adjust to the new place. The consensus seemed to be act natural/ and confident so he will feel secure and it will  rub off on him, which is exactly what I have been doing. Kirby I am happy to say has finally seemed to settle down, and get into his normal routine once again without any odd hiccups.

Anyways here’s some piccies, of the furball and the little fish and what he looks like these days 🙂 If you check out my newest video at about 3:45 you can see how light he was . Oh also I need a name, so if you have any suggestions,I’m all ears!

P1110263 copyP1110273 copyP1110270 copyAnyways I hope everyone is having a great week. And I’ll talk to you soon!!! 🙂


Leah & Kirby

Move…check…..other things ….yet to check

So I have moved. I am doing quite fine at the moment settling in. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for Kirby, who is idly waiting for the time he can return “home”. Although it is a little heart breaking at this stage to watch, and realize unlike a human being you can’t tell your little creature that you have moved,and although the surroundings are different he will be just fine. But I guess on the other hand it’s what we love about our dogs, that they don’t open their big mouths always telling us whats what…
Anyways the pictures I think speak a thousand words of just how poor little Kirby is feeling in the first few days. Also the fact that he still gets a little jumpy being outside of my personal space while in the house for any longer than a pee break, with a gentle scratching or quiet whimper at the other side of the door.
I must admit I never really thought of the adjustment a dog would have to go through in a new home, I guess I was too worried on the adjustment for myself, but to be plonked in a new environment where you spend 95%of your life …without any notice I’m sure is quite daunting.
So far I have been unpacking and trying to make Kirby as comfortable as possible.


WP_20140204_003 WP_20140204_006


I don’t know if this new lamp helps Kirby get accustomed….but it has for me 🙂