Move…check…..other things ….yet to check

So I have moved. I am doing quite fine at the moment settling in. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for Kirby, who is idly waiting for the time he can return “home”. Although it is a little heart breaking at this stage to watch, and realize unlike a human being you can’t tell your little creature that you have moved,and although the surroundings are different he will be just fine. But I guess on the other hand it’s what we love about our dogs, that they don’t open their big mouths always telling us whats what…
Anyways the pictures I think speak a thousand words of just how poor little Kirby is feeling in the first few days. Also the fact that he still gets a little jumpy being outside of my personal space while in the house for any longer than a pee break, with a gentle scratching or quiet whimper at the other side of the door.
I must admit I never really thought of the adjustment a dog would have to go through in a new home, I guess I was too worried on the adjustment for myself, but to be plonked in a new environment where you spend 95%of your life …without any notice I’m sure is quite daunting.
So far I have been unpacking and trying to make Kirby as comfortable as possible.


WP_20140204_003 WP_20140204_006


I don’t know if this new lamp helps Kirby get accustomed….but it has for me 🙂 


28 thoughts on “Move…check…..other things ….yet to check

  1. It is hard..when we moved we had the pets bowls bedding everthing in the loungeroom..we started a new routine straight away..same commands for tea when it was ready etc..they had so much to sniff and see…but you could see them thinking when are we going home..once we played outside with them and made a big fuss of playtime they just settled…in fact they were in a routine before us!! including having their beds before us ;( it takes time and patience but try and be a bit matter of fact and behave quite like you normally would..we made play time really fun but everything else was the same..they sensed we were ok with it all and they behaved accordingly…now I wonder if they remember where they lived their whole lives before here..:) hugs Fozziemum xx

  2. We have just moved house too. Del has adjusted well, but every time we took him for a walk he was reluctant to come back into our new house. Like Kirby, he was probably thinking ‘when am I going home?’ He’ll adjust soon, don’t you worry 🙂

  3. Being a matter a fact and comfortable yourself. I am a nester until I finish my nesting I do not settle. Dogs are no different. Remember unless this is a new built home there may be other large dog smells or cat smells which can be daunting to a little dog. On the pee breaks try going out with and come in with being reassuring. With happy voice play, teach a new trick in a new house with positive reinforcement. They look to us and our body language for the positive reinforcement as well.

  4. Oh we are so sorry to hear about Kirby! We have been checking in and saw you haven’t posted and were wondering how you’ve been. I really hope he adjusts soon. Usually dogs are okay but cats are a problem so this must have been unexpected. Hang in there, surround him with familiar things and hopefully he will come around very soon!

  5. Thankfully, most dogs adjust rather quickly. I think if you are nervous or uncomfortable in your new surroundings, Kirby will sense it and feel it too. So if you pretend like all is normal, I think Kirby will catch on. BTW, I love that lamp. Very nice. 🙂

  6. My pup gets the same way when we move to a new place. It takes some time though I always remind myself that dogs are so much more adaptable and resilient than we are. Hope Kirby feels at home very soon!

  7. Aw, poor Kirby! I’ve never considered how moving can affect a dog. Since I got Nailah when I was a college sophomore she’s used to moving from place to place. Hope he gets adjusted soon!

  8. Kirby is truly blessed to have you as his doggy Mom. You are insightful, connected, attuned, you sooo care about his feelings. I am sure he will be fine, and I ohhh sooo agree, your calming display is sure to soothe his doggy nerves. ((((hugs))))

  9. Poor Kirby. We bet lots of love and positive reinforcement, and he’ll be feeling happy and secure real soon. Hugs to you both, and congrats on the move!

  10. I hope Kirby gets adjusted to the new place soon! Heather and Mr. K have never really had trouble settling in anywhere…they kind of walk into every place they go as if they own it! Much love, The Scottie Mom.

  11. Aww! Hope Kirby settles in soon. Heather and Mr. K have never really had any problems when we moved apartments. In fact, they don’t seem to have trouble adjusting anywhere they travel…they kind of walk into every place they go as if they owned it all along! Much love, The Scottie Mom.

  12. Moving is traumatic! I have had to do it too many times! Poor Kirby…but he will be fine 🙂 It’s all unsettling and confusing for him maybe, but he has you taking loving care of his needs and so long as he has you everything will fall into place in due course. All those new, unfamiliar smells and noises must be disconcerting for a little dog 🙂 But they will soon be perfectly normal to him!

  13. Yow sweet Kirby iz Nylablue here….do not pout n bee sad little one…Momma Leah iz wif ya n now ya haz yer own new place to xplore….it iz hard me nose butt ya will lub yer new place in time!!! me waz only wif Mum fer 8 monthz n we had to move to da new place where we bin fer 8 yeerz now….Mum waz so guud wif me n dere waz all me blankiez n bedz n toyz n she talked wif me n after a few dayz me started to like da new place… just takez time sweetie…
    We lubz ya Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum too xoxoxo

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