Let them eat cake….

Dog food – subsidized cake that is! The boys enjoyed their birthday. Kirby spent his at the park reuniting with old and new friends as they came out from the winter’s hibernation. Poe-Poe isn’t one for playing and socializing these days, he prefers much more getting cuddles and lots of love from his people family in his old age.

Though one thing they both enjoyed was the yearly concoction of wet dog food with pupperoni made candles. And as you can see they enjoyed it thoroughly!

IMAG0098_1IMAG0104_1One thing I am hoping to work on this summer along with getting Kirby associated with more large dogs, is his bit of separation anxiety he has seemed to develop. He isn’t to bad where he barks, but he is attached to me at the hip, so when I leave I’m usually greeted with the below picture when I return. As endearing as it is, I don’t want it to progress to a extreme anxiety situation, as he already has started to whine when I leave so I am told and get a little depressed.

Can you seem him?

Can you seem him?

Anyways, if you guys have any ideas that worked for you please share them down below.

I also attached a recent video of pet peeves I have realized I have developed for the good or bad. If you guys have any pet peeves please share!


21 thoughts on “Let them eat cake….

  1. That’s a pawesome cake fur the puppies, whee pigs wish whee could enjoy our own birthday cake – preferably not dog food though, tehe! Our Mummy hates it when people assume that guinea-pigs are boring, that they had no pigsonality and that they just sit there. People don’t understand why she loves us so much and it’s like, “we’re all different! Don’t judge us until you’ve met us!” So yeah, that annoys our Mum 🙂
    The Pigs xx

  2. i love the pupperoni candles. great idea! i always tell my doggies where i am going and when i plan on returning and ‘talk’ to them while i am gone. mom, you forgot the ice cream. BOL

  3. Very adorable love it! I understand about the peeves on people who say I am not a ‘real dog’ because I am a chihuahua. Well, this is like saying a small person is not a person just because they are small. I breathe, bark, eat, have a brain and heart just like they do. I just happen to be small in size. People come in all shapes and sizes and that does not minimize the fact that they are people. Just like dogs – WOOF!

  4. Happy Birthday to your dogs! I had a German shepherd with severe separation anxiety, but my solution was to take him everywhere I went. He was my buddy and eventually he became more confident and was o.k. when I left him alone. I probably shouldn’t become a dog trainer…right?
    Thank you for visiting my blog.

  5. I just love your videos and the information that you provide. What about giving Kirby a KONG when you leave (with something frozen inside, like peanut butter?), it would take him a while to eat it and maybe he won’t be as sad? One of my pet peeves is the same as yours about people moving their dog away if Dakota just acts like he doesn’t like it (he doesn’t attack!), they also judge him because he is a “barky” breed and that isn’t fair.

  6. What a great cake idea! Bentley doesn’t like us to leave him but he does love getting to go in the bedroom and sleep while we are gone. We gate our room off because Pierre gets under the bed and it drives Bentley crazy because he doesn’t fit! Maybe if he is crate trained, he’d feel more secure in this kennel.

  7. Happy belated birthday to the pups!

    Willow had(has?) some bad separation anxiety, she used to get destructive, but now she just pouts. My solution was never leave her alone; I was living with my parents for a while and my mom didn’t work so if I had to go somewhere she couldn’t she had company, if she could go I took her with me. After about 6-8 months I could leave her at home without anyone there and she’d be okay. I think how you handle it is dependent on your circumstances and your dog, some get over it and some don’t.

    Now for the pet peeves… I have to agree with Dakota, my Hankster is a Sheltie and while I don’t care much for his barking either, I don’t need to be told by others at the park that I need to shut him up or that I didn’t ‘train’ him right. Yes I did have someone actually tell me and my friend who had a min-pin (also a barky-dog) that we didn’t do a good enough job training them since they barked, despite them being barky-dogs.

    My other HUGE pet peeve is when people just reach out to pet our pups, now I have very fluffy dogs, so I know people are going to want to pet, just ASK first! I actually wrote a post about it too if you would like to check it out. (http://www.meetthefurbombers.com/2014/03/21/walking-partne…e-a-difference)

  8. I agree with Dakotas Den…maybe give Kirby a kong or other special toy that he only gets when you go out. Also, as hard as it is, don’t give him much attention when you first walk in, and don’t make a big deal out of leaving either. Just give him his toy, say “I’ll be back” and leave. No fuss. The less you make of your comings and goings, the less he will. Good luck!

    Oh, and Happy Birthday(s) to the pups!

  9. Love the pup cakes with candles! You are so clever leah for thinking of that idea! Poe & Kirby are so lucky to have you!!!
    I am no expert on dogs. My 2nd dog used to shred the walls (it was a wartime house so walls were some kind of particle board). I ended up having to crate Bogart Sam which I detested….
    I have been told that one should not make a fuss when going out or coming in…that helps reduce the anxiety…also leaving music on & providing toys with treats like the Kong (which we never had back in the ‘Dark Ages’, lol).
    So that is my input for what it is worth.
    I will watch the video & get back to with Pet Peeves…. 😉
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xoxoxo

  10. Great video about Pet Peeves Leah! You make valid points. I applaud you for being so devoted to Kirby & doing what is right for him & his breed. People will talk & chide & be ignorant no matter what you do or do not do. I have learned that. I agree people need to learn about how DOGS socialize instead of imposing their ideas onto their 4 leggeds.
    My pet peeves: People telling me how to care for Nylablue as I’ve had cats for 46 yrs of my life! People who ask “How old is she?” meaning she is old so of course she is sick. Being old does not equate illness. Then again when I first got Nylablue & people would ask how old is she & I said 5 yrs old the reply would be along the lines of: “Well she is too young to be so sick…” I can not win…lol….
    Pet Peeve about people who know NOTHING about having a pet of any sort but seem to know it all about animal care (I have been dealing with this in the building I live in.)
    I try to just ignore their idle chatter but there are days when I just want to scream “SHUT UP” to all of them. It is hard enough to take care of a chronically ill 4 legged w/out having commentary being given. I have enough self doubt at times w/out others leading me to doubt myself.
    Well that is a long list….I hope you do not mind that I shared all that.
    Sincerely, Sherri-Ellen xo

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