Spring time with kirby

Finally, spring is here!!!! I for one am happy and excited to put away the winter coat and heavy boots, but for Kirby it’s as if his whole world opened up again! No more hibernation from the Canadian cold, and finally to his greatest pleasure (trust me) no more weird constricting piece of fabric to cover his glorious coat.
We made the most of it especially this weekend with many long walks to our favorite parks, and even to the dog park a couple times.
Now as you know I have been trying to work with Kirby with his issues lately in his fear of large dogs. I tried to introduce him to as many large dogs we came across, but it was always the small guys he is comfortable with. Last summer I attempted to take him to the large dog side at our dog park in hopes to work on this further, but with someone’s warning (which I now know to be untrue now) that I shouldn’t let my dog in that area because he is to small. That coupled with a bunch of glares I decided to keep him to the small area. Since then though I have seen many small dogs in the big dog area, and with reassurance from other dog owners decided to go there again. The first few minutes Kirby looked truly terrorized and there were some big dogs with their play demeaner could understand Kirby unintentionally being turned into a pancake. Though we met some sweet and laid back pointer mixes and Kirby was soon right at home with them. Here are some pictures of his escapades.





Next I wanted to show off a friend of mine’s gorgeous American bulldog. He is full of energy but such a sweetheart. He recently had surgery so has to take it easy for a while (with his personality is a challenge in itself!) Never the less, I couldn’t help taking pictures of this handsome boy.



I hope you all enjoy the coming spring as much as we are!

*p.s- I just started volunteering at the local animal shelter, as it has the potential to help me give some dogs some TLC.

20 thoughts on “Spring time with kirby

  1. Max is scared of big dogs. When he was young this was not an issue but he had a traumatizing incident at a mixed-size dog park and since then wants nothing to do with the big ones. We’ve tried re-socializing bur no success. Glad to see that Kirby is again becoming comfy with bigger dogs.

    • Awww, yeah I have ran into a few people on the little dog side who also have to stick to that side these days because of the same reason. We will see with Kirby, Max at least seems to have some reasoning behind his fear.

  2. Leah, do what you love and that’s dogs. Don’t make decisions based on “career opportunities”. If you love what you do and put your ♥ and mind into it, you’ll succeed. He’s been there and He knows best.

  3. Wow, volunteering, that’s great Kirby’s Mom! Whee are sure you will bring joy to so many dogs and visa versa, whee’ve heard working with rescue animals is always a rewarding experience!
    That American Bulldog is very handsome and it looks like Kirby’s had fun in the park!
    The Pigs xx

  4. Kirby, I hope you enjoy the beautiful, mild Spring weather. I don’t blame you for being cautious around big dogs. I think that’s a sign of how smart you are, but if your mom thinks they look friendly you should give them a chance. My big dog is afraid of guys your size. Nice to meet you.

  5. Yow Miss Leah Nylablue here!! Well dun gettin out wif Kirby n takin him to get to nose other poochiez! Ya iz a pawsum poochie Mum n do nott let other Hu’Manz push ya around!
    Kirby lookz so manlee standin on da rock; proud n happy 🙂
    Lub to Kirby sweetface n ya Miss Leah ❤ ❤
    Okay over to Mum:
    Hello Leah & Kirby I so agree about our Winter…6 months of intense insanity & snow. Nylablue has only been out in Condo a handful of times so far. Easter Sunday was the best day so far for both of us! 3 hours of glorious Sun & patio time. Of course the past 2 days have been cloudy, cold & rainy…we can't win can we???
    Love Sherri-Ellen xoxo

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