A little Photograph

So as most of you have probably read, I have decided to volunteer this summer at my local shelter. It was something that had been in the back of my mind for a while. Watching videos of people who went out of their way to adopt, foster, and rescue animals, I realized in my current situation I had no reason not to do it.
So this is my third week there, and its been a great reward to get to know, learn and help the little ones who have taken up residence. I mostly work with the dogs, taking them for walks and recently been trying to train them a bit in the basics of sit stay etc. I have shared the pictures with a couple of my close friends when out on walks. It was of this one picture ( with the help of my friend who received it) that helped change the course for one of these animals. Achilles (as he is now affectionately named by his owner) was a relatively new admittance, and was the first Rottweiler/ Sheppard mix I had yet to see. It was this coupled with his beaming personality and smiley pose that gave that little voice in me the nudge to take a picture. I sent it to one of my friends, – who is the owner of the American Bulldog you have seen in recent posts. She being a dog lover fell in love with the picture of the dog herself, which inevitably made her show it to her boyfriend. It was the same picture with the smiling personality, that made him meet the dog in the pixelated photograph.
A couple days later her boyfriend drove the ways to meet him. After some getting-to-know-yous, playing, and the start of that bond us humans start to get in the very first meeting of a potential pet, I believe his heart was already hostage to the furry four-legger, and submitted an adoption form.
The next day I had the privilege to be there when he got to take him home. Achilles being a dog I suppose one would think he wouldn’t understand what was happening that day, as he was walked out of the shelter by this kind person he just met. Though to me, his face changed, his demeanor changed, and now his life is changed all due to a little photograph 🙂

Of course in the end, there is a lot more elements that helped this work out the way it did.
If I never volunteered at the shelter, if I was never friends with my friend, if she didn’t know who she knew, and finally if I didn’t have that little voice telling me to take the picture….
It’s all this that makes me realize even this blog and you guys who decide to read my posts and giving me the encouragement to pursue this path to begin with, you all had a part in this. So let that be a reason no matter what kind of day or week, or even month you had to maybe put a little smile on your face.

And with that I’ll end you with the picture itself 🙂

IMAG0453 copy

Till later friends,
Leah and Kirby


24 thoughts on “A little Photograph

  1. Way to go! That is so awesome, Leah! Congratulations to this pup and his new people. And thank you for volunteering, and for caring!

  2. Achilles is such a hadnsome dog!! I can see why your friend’s boyfriend fell in love & adopted him!!!
    Well done Leah! You just saved a life; isn’t that a wonderful feeling???
    Love to you & Kirby & Poe too
    Sherri-Ellen ❤ & Nylablue ❤

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