Purely personalized pet dog I.D tags review

Recently we had the pleasure to receive some items to review from Purely Personalized pets. Since we have moved I have been hesitant to get  I.D tags for Kirby and Poe as their old ones got scratched to the point of unrecognizability within only a couple months. Though living in a new neighbourhood and knowing neither Poe or Kirby is micro-chipped I was really looking for good quality and unique I.D tags.(Microchip explanation- I don’t have final say over what my mother chooses to do with Poe, as he is her dog for the most part, and Kirby I am waiting till we have moved to our permanent residence in a few months before I bother getting one)  That is when I came across these very lovely and unique tags from http://purelypersonalizedpet.com/ .

Let me start by saying not only were they very pleasant to talk to, but their customizable items are amazingly unique. Here is the ones I picked out and received for Poe and Kirby. (I took out the numbers for privacy reasons to show)

IMAG0502The gold metal coupled with the rough edge and cute little heart …had me at hello!

IMAG0501_edited-2and here is Poe’s. I like that his is a bit more manly, and has the hand-stamped looked to it with the lettering, and i think its pretty cool that it hangs diagonally.

IMAG0500_edited-2These are two of the many completely different designs they offer. All completely customizable to what you want on it. Here are some more of my favorites…


callmypeople queenie




And they do cats too


Not only do they do customizable I.D tags but collars, leads, bowlsMatsbedsDoormatsmemorials, and more!

Anyways I am over the moon with these and the cute packaging they came in. In my eyes my dogs can’t get any cuter but this, especially with Kirby, just adds to their appeal. See for yourself!

DSC01896 copy

If you guys check them out let me know what your favorites are.

And here is our video of me opening them up 🙂

I’m sure we will have these for years to come. Thanks Purely Personalized Pets

32 thoughts on “Purely personalized pet dog I.D tags review

    • I know right! So different, let’s me get away with having a bit of jewelry on them without being a crazy dog-mama to the general public (although they would soon learn I definetly am once they got to know me, so who am I kidding xD)

  1. Those look lovely. Whee know our Mummy is worried about a local kitty that doesn’t have a collar because she doesn’t know if she has a hooman at home.

    Now they know where to send you woof dogs back when you go on adventures!

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

  2. Hi Y’all!

    I’m sending my Human to check it out! I can never have too many ID’s! and I could use a new collar too…

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

    • Where I live microchipping comes secondary to I.d tags. It only is useful if the person who finds the pets knows or takes the effort to get the scanned at the appropriate place that has the scanner. Your only guarantee that the microchip will work if the dog is picked up by the pound, and even so the tag would work just the same. Like I said will be getting a microchip once we have moved for Kirby as a secondary precaution. Kirby isn’t a escapee, he would rather be by me at all times. I appreciate your input, but Don’t worry I know what I am doing.

      • OK, I trust you. In 2003, I started barking at a bird outside. The humans investigated and the bird flew on to His shoulder. It was a yellow cockatiel-obviously used to humans. They tried very hard to find the home, but to no avail. A microchip (yes, even in a small bird) would have done the trick. It became MY bird and we had it for 5 years until whatever did him in. I was despondent.

      • Wow that’s incredible, and very true, you are right though 100% in my mind there is no harm getting a chip, its definetly worth it for the little it costs, just we”ve been at a constant state of moving that hasn’t worked out till this summer. My vet said the chip he would be getting is complicated to change information on and so it would be better just to wait till we moved. I had a friend who lost her microchipped cat and lost him for months as she was only microchipped and I guess no one thought to take her to see if she had a chip and check it, luckily she ended up finding her herself, as they recently moved so she went back to the old house periodically. If Kirby was a escapee or a dog that wanted to be anywhere more then 1 step away from me when he is outside I would have got it done regardless by now. It shall be done soon enough though! You”ll be the first to know! 🙂

      • We also had a cockateil since I was a child till he was about 12 years old, it was the first pet I ever regarded as my sole responsibility as I got older, I was devastated when he died, little feathered ones are definetly always in my heart after him.

  3. Those are really cute dog tags. I can see my dogs sporting one those, I always love personalized items I think that it adds more personality to the accessory and it also means a lot more to whoever wears it even dogs. I like showing how much I love my dogs in every way possible and that includes personalized dog tags.
    – Carl Williams

  4. I love the round tag with raised heart on it; that is so classy! “Call My People” is adorable too….this is a wonderful site * I really love the customization….fab!
    Thanks for a great video! I always enjoy seeing your smiling face Leah & the ever adorable Kirby & lovable Poe. Spring is finally here! Hurrah.
    Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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