More adoptions & big and smalls -WW


I hope you are all enjoying your summer. whether that be jumping into lots of lakes and playing in the nice green grass, or for the two legged enjoying the sunshine and being with your furry best friend.

I have been continuing enjoying my time working at the shelter, and just wanted to share a few more happy adoption pictures! This little guy although may look like a full grown Shih-tzu still had his baby teeth coming in so he is definitely a mix of something a little larger. Lhasa Apso perhaps? What do you guys think? Either way I had the privilege of getting to know him on a few walks and play times till he was happily adopted into a loving forever home, I even got to say goodbye to the little one first hand.

Not only that but in accordance to adopt a cat month, I am happy to say more then a few kittens have been adopted this week too!

IMAG0921 copy IMAG0920 copy IMAG0916 copy

Today my friend came over with her adorable American Bulldog Savior, and I quickly got a few snaps with him and the boys, before he proceeded to gallop on about his merry little way. Kirby was a little nervous when Savior got too close (but him being still a rambunctious pup) I was still proud of the progression he has made with dealing with the bigger guys as he handled it all pretty good 🙂

IMAG0970 copy

I couldn’t get over in this picture how so very small Kirby looked compared to Savior! Aren’t they just the cutest pair!

IMAG0973 copy

No, that is not a small garden decoration in the background.

IMAG0957 copy

Sorry not much of a post today, as this week for some reason I feel a little at a loss for words, but I wanted to get this up in usual time:) Hope you guys all continue to have a amazing week!



23 thoughts on “More adoptions & big and smalls -WW

  1. Oh Kirby, he might be big, butts he looks like a pawsome furiend! I bets the next time you meet up, YOU will be in the foreground, and the star of your own bloggie agains!!
    Loves you!
    Ruby ♥

  2. I think it’s great that your working over at the shelter….and thanks for sharing some happy success stories! We are bombarded with so many sad ones over the internet, it’s a welcome change. 🙂

  3. Definitely think the adoptee has Llhaso Apso in him!! So adorable!
    I love the pix of Kirby with Saviour & they are the “big & small” of dogs it seems. Kirby looks like a doggie gnome in the second picture. Love the pic of Poe with Saviour too.
    I relate to the loss of words; there are days when I have nothing to say…Nylablue on the other hand/paw ALWAYS has something to say 😉
    We had Dr Dave out today for a Convenia shot to settle her bowels down…it’s always something here!
    Much love to all of you Leah.
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue ❤ ❤ ❤

  4. Cute photo’s Lea. I like the one with Kirby way off in the garden, LOL Savior seems quite happy to pose for photo’s, that’s cute. Congratulations on your shelter work, that’s just wonderful

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