And fall begins!

I had a nice little adventure today at our local apple festival. It is great as dogs are allowed and I love Kirby getting out there being exposed to lots of new sights, dogs, and people. The hallmark moment was when two little ones came up wanting to pet Kirby. The mom had been telling me the little girl had been wanting a Maltese for so long. She seemed very gentle and conscientious of him, it reminded me of myself when I was her age. I appreciate so much when people ask if their kids can pet him rather then just running up and doing it as it gives me a second to get Kirby in a calm, comforting state where he even enjoys it:) He saw the horses again, and unlike last year when he went on a barking-spree behind the fence seeing these massive creatures, he just watched them this time. He also made a little friend with another little dog. With the big dogs we just walked by as normal and he didn’t make a peep. So looking good.

Anyways here is some pictures of the day. Hope everyone had a great Halloween!



Got to love homemade apple fritters!



Had to get a picture of him by this beautiful garden!

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