Woofstock 2014


So if you have been reading recently you will notice our excitement about going to a Woofstock festival! It is a very large dog festival that takes place in Toronto this year. We finally got to go! It was so much fun guys. Its times like this I wish there was a teleport system so I could take you all there! There were contests, vendors, events, shows, and of course A LOT of dogs!

IMAG0761 copy

Kirby I think was at first a little overwhelmed, I mean he was walking past about 3-5 dogs every second, but he kept his cool and after about 30 seconds I could see him start to get into the happy groove all the rest of the dogs were in!


We caught glimpses of a fashion show, and another show called stupid dog tricks. We also got to see three beautiful Newfoundlands all together and even got a picture with them at the living legends show. There was a wiener dog race which I helped my friend and her little weiner-mix dog participate in. Not to mention there was a ton of vendors and free goodies to go around. (You can watch the video below to see what we got!) Though our favorite part by far was just socializing, meeting, and hearing the stories of the furry (sometimes funny) little characters we met along the way!

IMAG0790IMAG0796IMAG0786 copyIMAG0811IMAG0855IMAG0804 copy

I can’t tell you how much I was in the zone and just a feeling of overall happiness and excitement as we par-took in this almost extremely-large pack experience. For the number of dogs, I was I have to say a little shocked but pleasantly surprised there was not one dog fight, or angry dog we came across (I mean in reality Im sure somewhere there was) but we definitely didn’t see it 🙂 There was even a emergency vet booth in case any of the dogs got hurt, and tons of water stops for all the dogs, constantly being re-filled by the volunteers.

IMAG0845IMAG0818 copy

We filmed the weiner dog race, and some other bits and  bobs of the day that I put in a video below if you would like to see it in action.

Anyways we had so much fun! And will definitely be going again next year! Maybe I’ll even enter Kirby in the Mr.Canada pageant contest they got going on, wouldn’t that be hilarious 😛

What we’ve been up to

So another week (well two since I last wrote) has flown by. I am still working at the shelter, and it is as rewarding still as when I first started. I’ve noticed for me personally when you start doing something good, something that you know although small is making a difference in a field your really passionate about, it is something that will stay with you, and honestly is something no matter where I am in life I think I will always want to continue.

I am happy to say there has been lots of adoptions recently. There is always that attachment I get sooner rather than later when I’ve walked a dog day after day or played with a kitten, so when someone finds them and adopts it is a whole new experience for once feeling happy that I walk in and realize I might not see their face again, because I know they have finally got the forever home they deserve. Here are some of the dogs I’ve had the pleasure to get to know, and have now found their forever home 🙂 These are not their names now but the names I gave them in my head :p Pickle, Gizmo, Taz and Missy and we’ll just call him Mr.Fluffs


IMAG0278 IMAG0289 IMAG0363IMAG0496_1

Also, one more thing. Next week we will be heading out to http://www.woofstock.ca/ a Toronto based dog festival of sorts. I missed last year, but am so excited about going this year. It is not only Canada’s largest dog festival but has so many events including weiner dog races! fashion shows, vendors, and charitable causes such as rescues. Yep, and I will be sure to document all the fun and festivities right ho maybe ere! My thought is to maybe do a vlog, but as it is noted for being a extremely packed place at the least I iwll have some pictures to share. What do you guys think I should do?

Anyways thats all for this week guys, can’t wait to let you all in on how it was next week 🙂

Purely personalized pet dog I.D tags review

Recently we had the pleasure to receive some items to review from Purely Personalized pets. Since we have moved I have been hesitant to get  I.D tags for Kirby and Poe as their old ones got scratched to the point of unrecognizability within only a couple months. Though living in a new neighbourhood and knowing neither Poe or Kirby is micro-chipped I was really looking for good quality and unique I.D tags.(Microchip explanation- I don’t have final say over what my mother chooses to do with Poe, as he is her dog for the most part, and Kirby I am waiting till we have moved to our permanent residence in a few months before I bother getting one)  That is when I came across these very lovely and unique tags from http://purelypersonalizedpet.com/ .

Let me start by saying not only were they very pleasant to talk to, but their customizable items are amazingly unique. Here is the ones I picked out and received for Poe and Kirby. (I took out the numbers for privacy reasons to show)

IMAG0502The gold metal coupled with the rough edge and cute little heart …had me at hello!

IMAG0501_edited-2and here is Poe’s. I like that his is a bit more manly, and has the hand-stamped looked to it with the lettering, and i think its pretty cool that it hangs diagonally.

IMAG0500_edited-2These are two of the many completely different designs they offer. All completely customizable to what you want on it. Here are some more of my favorites…


callmypeople queenie




And they do cats too


Not only do they do customizable I.D tags but collars, leads, bowlsMatsbedsDoormatsmemorials, and more!

Anyways I am over the moon with these and the cute packaging they came in. In my eyes my dogs can’t get any cuter but this, especially with Kirby, just adds to their appeal. See for yourself!

DSC01896 copy

If you guys check them out let me know what your favorites are.

And here is our video of me opening them up 🙂

I’m sure we will have these for years to come. Thanks Purely Personalized Pets

A little Photograph

So as most of you have probably read, I have decided to volunteer this summer at my local shelter. It was something that had been in the back of my mind for a while. Watching videos of people who went out of their way to adopt, foster, and rescue animals, I realized in my current situation I had no reason not to do it.
So this is my third week there, and its been a great reward to get to know, learn and help the little ones who have taken up residence. I mostly work with the dogs, taking them for walks and recently been trying to train them a bit in the basics of sit stay etc. I have shared the pictures with a couple of my close friends when out on walks. It was of this one picture ( with the help of my friend who received it) that helped change the course for one of these animals. Achilles (as he is now affectionately named by his owner) was a relatively new admittance, and was the first Rottweiler/ Sheppard mix I had yet to see. It was this coupled with his beaming personality and smiley pose that gave that little voice in me the nudge to take a picture. I sent it to one of my friends, – who is the owner of the American Bulldog you have seen in recent posts. She being a dog lover fell in love with the picture of the dog herself, which inevitably made her show it to her boyfriend. It was the same picture with the smiling personality, that made him meet the dog in the pixelated photograph.
A couple days later her boyfriend drove the ways to meet him. After some getting-to-know-yous, playing, and the start of that bond us humans start to get in the very first meeting of a potential pet, I believe his heart was already hostage to the furry four-legger, and submitted an adoption form.
The next day I had the privilege to be there when he got to take him home. Achilles being a dog I suppose one would think he wouldn’t understand what was happening that day, as he was walked out of the shelter by this kind person he just met. Though to me, his face changed, his demeanor changed, and now his life is changed all due to a little photograph 🙂

Of course in the end, there is a lot more elements that helped this work out the way it did.
If I never volunteered at the shelter, if I was never friends with my friend, if she didn’t know who she knew, and finally if I didn’t have that little voice telling me to take the picture….
It’s all this that makes me realize even this blog and you guys who decide to read my posts and giving me the encouragement to pursue this path to begin with, you all had a part in this. So let that be a reason no matter what kind of day or week, or even month you had to maybe put a little smile on your face.

And with that I’ll end you with the picture itself 🙂

IMAG0453 copy

Till later friends,
Leah and Kirby

Progress, fulfillment, and quick review

Hey everyone.
Kirby and I have been busy busy with working on our progress with larger dogs. The last couple days I have been taking him to the big dog side in the dog park in hopes of working him through his fears. Although Monday was a bit hit and miss, yesterday we went with our friend and her dog Savior (the American bulldog you might have seen last post) and headed out again. Kirby was to my delight very calm, and had no growls or teeth showings to the friendly large dogs that came to say hello to him. Every time he did interact nicely I made sure to let him know what a good boy he was being! As it was his first time meeting Savior, in the car as we headed there, he did give him some growling attitude, but by the end of the day, Kirby was just fine running alongside him, especially if treats were involved. Below is a quick picture I got of him and Savior’s bum is right behind him. Considering he was (by far) the smallest dog at the park today he did very very well. So yaay!
PicsArt_1398224957700Also I have received in the mail after much wait a product I was looking forward to review, as they wanted it reviewed before April 4th in order for me and whoever wanted to purchase them to get in on the promotions that were going on. Unfortunately it did not arrive to me until today. I decided I was only going to still review it if the dogs and I really loved it. Well it kind of happened.

It is “Pet Naturals Breath bars”. I was hoping that Poe would take to these especially, as he has the worst dog breath known to……dog. I broke one in half giving the bigger one to Poe, and he went nuts for it! I have never seen him act so excited when receiving a treat, especially since he is a picky dog, so I was presently surprised when both Poe and Kirby to put it lightly devoured it and began following me around the house with the package till I found a good place to put it.


The bag came with 21 bars. And is said to “improve fecal quality, clean the blood, reduce the frequency of flatulence, and simply freshen breath. Now as I have just given them it today, I don’t know about the fecal quality, or blood (in which neither are issues anyways) but it did freshen Poe’s breath, A LOT more then what the other breath freshner treats we were using did. So for that reason and the reason Poe has seemed to react to them much like a cat with cat nip, I give them a thumbs up so far.

if anyone is interested in learning more you can visit their site at : http://www.petnaturals.com


Also last but not least, I have been continuing volunteering at my local animal shelter, and have taken many pictures in hopes to show you just how special the dogs are. I just want to make sure it is okay that I show the pictures of the animals there, with the co-ordinator, as it probably more polite to ask first..

Spring time with kirby

Finally, spring is here!!!! I for one am happy and excited to put away the winter coat and heavy boots, but for Kirby it’s as if his whole world opened up again! No more hibernation from the Canadian cold, and finally to his greatest pleasure (trust me) no more weird constricting piece of fabric to cover his glorious coat.
We made the most of it especially this weekend with many long walks to our favorite parks, and even to the dog park a couple times.
Now as you know I have been trying to work with Kirby with his issues lately in his fear of large dogs. I tried to introduce him to as many large dogs we came across, but it was always the small guys he is comfortable with. Last summer I attempted to take him to the large dog side at our dog park in hopes to work on this further, but with someone’s warning (which I now know to be untrue now) that I shouldn’t let my dog in that area because he is to small. That coupled with a bunch of glares I decided to keep him to the small area. Since then though I have seen many small dogs in the big dog area, and with reassurance from other dog owners decided to go there again. The first few minutes Kirby looked truly terrorized and there were some big dogs with their play demeaner could understand Kirby unintentionally being turned into a pancake. Though we met some sweet and laid back pointer mixes and Kirby was soon right at home with them. Here are some pictures of his escapades.





Next I wanted to show off a friend of mine’s gorgeous American bulldog. He is full of energy but such a sweetheart. He recently had surgery so has to take it easy for a while (with his personality is a challenge in itself!) Never the less, I couldn’t help taking pictures of this handsome boy.



I hope you all enjoy the coming spring as much as we are!

*p.s- I just started volunteering at the local animal shelter, as it has the potential to help me give some dogs some TLC.

Let them eat cake….

Dog food – subsidized cake that is! The boys enjoyed their birthday. Kirby spent his at the park reuniting with old and new friends as they came out from the winter’s hibernation. Poe-Poe isn’t one for playing and socializing these days, he prefers much more getting cuddles and lots of love from his people family in his old age.

Though one thing they both enjoyed was the yearly concoction of wet dog food with pupperoni made candles. And as you can see they enjoyed it thoroughly!

IMAG0098_1IMAG0104_1One thing I am hoping to work on this summer along with getting Kirby associated with more large dogs, is his bit of separation anxiety he has seemed to develop. He isn’t to bad where he barks, but he is attached to me at the hip, so when I leave I’m usually greeted with the below picture when I return. As endearing as it is, I don’t want it to progress to a extreme anxiety situation, as he already has started to whine when I leave so I am told and get a little depressed.

Can you seem him?

Can you seem him?

Anyways, if you guys have any ideas that worked for you please share them down below.

I also attached a recent video of pet peeves I have realized I have developed for the good or bad. If you guys have any pet peeves please share!