Wordless wednesday – new adoption and addition

I’m sick this week so I’m going to stick to the rules of wordless Wednesday. You guys know I’ve been recently volunteering, and this time I helped my mom adopt. Heres the hint down below. Do you know what we got? Next Wednesday you’ll hear all about him.


And don’t worry I’ll be good as new next week, but until then I think I have pretty good company…..


NOT so Wordless wednesday- Poe and the intruder!

We missed mischief monday again! How could we, and this time there was lots of mischief to write about. So I guess better late then never. I got the privilege of puppy-sitting one of Kirby’s best buddies Rocco. I know you guys got to see him in a post about a month ago, but man has he grown! He is developing quite the personality as well,which works perfectly for Kirby’s rambunctious self. I took lots of pictures to share with you guys, and uploaded a video about it for those who want to see him in action.
Rocco although cute and playful like Kirby, is quite different than any dog I have ever owned – and no its not just the random snorting he gives every couple seconds, but it has helped put him up there! (Caught a bit on video- see below)

Kirby for example likes to show off his skills by ducking and running under Rocco to show off just how much faster he is, than poor Rocco could ever be, and Rocco simply uses his weight (as its all he has in his defense) to try and pin Kirby for a good play-fight. Rocco is very much a puppy and though he’s learning doesn’t have all the social manners Kirby is used to, that added to him weighing a good solid 15+ pounds already, I had to be sure to supervise that Rocco’s play tactics didn’t accidentally squish the poor little Kirbster XD.

Because he has never met Poe before (our family dog) who has a bit of anti-social behavior due to his past, I had to be on top of my game when introducing the little squirt to him and “his territory”. So I used some of the tips I have mentioned before in my videos. Poe as I suspected wasn’t in for being buddies (unlike Kirby) as when Rocco tried to play with him, Poe would give a little don’t-bug-me growl and walk away. Other then that though they co-existed fine, and Poe was quite content looking a the two bozos
– immature pups (trust me he was thinking it) play and scurry around, not very interesting for a 8 year old boy who would rather lounge with us humans, then have to intermingle with these two rambunctious pups, as they ran and played…and ran and played circles around him.

I did get one shot though of the three of them snuggling together, or should I say Poe lying down and these two snuggling up to him,and him being to lazy to move. Never-the-less it was quite adorable!

Here’s the video, pictures are below it.


I also wanted to thank Trompie (one of our very first blogging buddies) on this fabulous award and want to pass it along.


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I wish I could pick more,but this is far from my last award nomination :D! I picked you guys because you have either been there for us since the beginning or have been a great supporter of us, and I hope I have been equal to that to you. You are all part of my blog-family 🙂

Winner winner chicken dinner, eh,Waggy Pooch Drypet towel! and a shoutout to a new edition!

So it is the day, well I’ve been waiting for, is finally here. Who will win the amazing Drypet SUPER absorbent, anti-bacterial, Towel? Well it is funny how you do the post, make the video, enter the entrants in the randomizer, and with one click the winner is there, just like that . I wish I could give everyone who entered a towel, and I know everyone says that,but really I do, as I know it is such a great little “invention” that fell into my lap, and now I don’t know what would be a suitable option without it.

Anyone still interested in the towel though, just in case, can get one now for a limited time offer at Waggypooch.com at 20% off the original price! 🙂 It starts today and ends April 22nd.

Okay, okay okay, now for the winner. I will just make it as suspenseful as I can, following it with a big empty space so you must continually scroll down in anticipation, then I will simply add the randomizer list, where obviously the person at number 1 is the winner!














































THATS RIGHT! I clicked randomize and the winner was…….

banner.phpYou have won…


Congratulations Oz! I hope you will enjoy it and find it useful as much as Kirby and I have. Oz, if you see this email me your shipping info, so I can send it off to Waggy Pooch and get your towel to you! 🙂

For everyone else, thank you so so much for entering. We have enjoyed doing this giveaway as you guys as well as Waggy Pooch have been a pleasure to do this with 🙂 We have learned what and what not to do for next time if we ever host one! I think perhaps for the next giveaway Kirby and I will go off to our local pet store and try to find a prize that every viewer can hopefully win and use 🙂


Now before we go, Instead of posting something about KirbyI really was aching to mention a fellow blogger who’s recent post, has touched my heart so much, their generosity and caring demeanor for the animal world can be seen by a new recent edition they just adopted. Not only is he adorable, like oh my goodness please let me hug him NOW adorable, but he is blind. He was destined (or not) for a very sad and probably frightening life, until the wonderful couple at The three little pugs intervened to give him such a happy new beginning  . I don’t want to give the story away as i could never tell it as good as them, and I would really like if you all could just take a peek, I think it might brighten up your day 🙂 Here’s a picture of the little squirt! (Little Gus)


Snoopy's Dog Blog

Hey wordless Wednesday, breaking the rules

Taking cover behind me on my pillows...XD

Taking cover behind me on my pillows…XD

So yes, I realize today is wordless Wednesday, and we don’t like missing it! Already missed it last week, missed Monday Mischief this week, so we refuse to miss anymore, even though technically that doesn’t make it a wordless Wednesday, but we figure breaking the rules once isn’t going to hurt anything. Plus I always think of wordless Wednesday as cute-picture-doggy time, and we have pictures, yes we do!

So, I don’t know about you guys but over here in Canada, we had a storm last night. It wasn’t your average storm, no no. It wasn’t just storming, with rain coming out like a faucet, no, and yes there was thunder, and lightening, but it was the most INTENSE thunder we have ever heard.

This was Kirby’s first thunder storm, and would you believe it the first thunder we heard, partially shook the house! it was so loud, I wanted to look out the window and start barking. Luckily, Poe and Kirby were already at it. Poe was more on guard, ready to attack the thunder storm, while poor little Kirby was scared out of his mind, that it was a simple “fight or flight” for him, and he decided to do both. Luckily, after a few minutes, the thunder calmed down to be more “normal” and Kirby stopped caring.  I wanted to quickly capture for you guys, Kirby’s reaction to all this in pictures, sorry they are grainy my phone was what I had quickly on me to snap a few shots.

Maybe If I can just blend into the sheets, no one  will see me?

Maybe If I can just blend into the sheets, no one will see me?

After the window was checked......

After the window was checked……

Oh and here is what his little shirt says, I am kinda a hippie at heart so had to pick this up!


“All you need is love” -reminds me of The Beatles song

So yes that was quite an adventure! Also for anyone who is interested and hasn’t entered yet, please enter our first and only Giveaway sponsored by Waggypooch. It really truly is a must have product for those facing the same problems I was.

Anyways until tomorrow, when we do our next Ancient beginning winner! xoxo- Leah and

Movie + boredom + sweater = This poor dog…….

So Me and Kirby just finished a whole movie marathon, we found this…..







final 3



Also one last annoying thing: Most of you have already watched this in yesterdays post, but if not please check out our latest video!

Ancient Dog and Valentine fundraiser sandwhich for one!

Hello all, and Happy Monday! So Kirby and I have a thought! And well Poe to yes he was also thinking on this process…



On to to other news I have decided to do something a bit different today, that is to start a fun little activity so we can all get to know each other’s dogs  better and pay tribute to the breed!

  • It will be every  held every Saturday . When the first “Ancient Beginnings” posts start and from then on you can enter your dog in the comments for the next one
  • How it works is you will leave a comment below the first ancient beginning’s post once it is set up, and add the symbol (@) and then the name and breed of your dog (if he is a mixed pick the breed you would like to know about).
  • a commenter out of the comments below will be picked by random.org by Thursday night to get a whole post dedicated to their  dog/cat/hamster/mixed breeds in learning their ” ancient beginnings!”
  • The best part is the blogger who gets picked can make their own post instead if they wish about their breeds ancient beginning’s and I will simply do a quick recap of what they had to say and include links for the readers to go check out the story on the picked blogger’s post.
  • Though who knows, I might be the only geeky animal-lover in here who is fascinated to find out about the origins of our breeds. So I decided to create a poll, a straight forward yay or neigh to see if this is a good idea. SO PLEASE VOTE BELOW.
  • I will let the poll run for a week as the first one will be next Saturday, so even though we don’t know if this is happening for sure start entering you animal if you want to be picked.
  • entries will be cut off at the end of friday, so I can find out the winner for Saturday’s post


Anyways like it or not the rest of this post will be My kirby’s ancient beginnings. Since he is a Maltese and Yorkie, I had to pick one and I picked the one I think he most resembles in looks and character and that is the Maltese.

  • Though it can only be estimated the earliest recorded suggestion that the breed Maltese were apart of our earth was roughly 500 B.C on the island of Malta.
  • where they migrated over during that time to Egypt and Greece, which we know through subtle drawings and artifacts.
  • Ancient dogs related to the  Maltese were said to be Lhasa Apso,  Tibetan Terrier, Tibetan spaniel and the pekingese
  • Their name Maltese was taken from Malta and said to mean “white fluffy cloud”Sun_in_white_cloud
  • Malta served  as a center of trade for a time and even then the Maltese was looked on as a highly valuable animal simply based on its small size, adorable traits, and novelty.
  • Maltese were very popular with wealthy Roman women who carried them as lap dogs and companions.
  • After the breed survived the fall of Rome due to its popularity, a pair was given to Chinese Emperor Kou Tzu around 620 A.D and it is there that the Maltese breed began to make its way around the world.
  • Said to be Queen Victoria's Maltese 1839

    Said to be Queen Victoria’s Maltese 1839

  • By the 13th century the Maltese had become a breed now known in European countries,often being bartered for other goods.
  • by 1558, the breed was well established in Britain so much so that Queen Victoria owned one..
  • Maltese continued to be popular with the ladies for their beauty, companionship, and sometimes as living flea traps for the wealthy.
  • At this stage the more smaller the breed the more appealing they were, some not bigger then common ferrets, sometimes described as the size of squirrels even.1074
  • In the Renaissance area Maltese were believed to  possess healing powers, some methods included placing the dog o
    early 1800's painting

    early 1800’s painting

    n the sick person’s pillow ,or could relieve indigestion if placed on the stomach. This is when the got the nickname comforter dogs.

  • The Maltese continued to be popular  even during the Victorian era , where it was common for them to have long silky coats ,hair tied in satin ribbons, and were even dyed to match the colour of their lady’s attire.
  • IN 1888 Maltese were accepted into the AKC.
Maltese 1904

Maltese 1904

  • Maltese came in a variety of colours till the early 1900’s

As one can maybe get the hint, up until their early days of life and evolution they were lucky enough to be respected and adorned similar to how they all are to this day. Not much has changed in this pampered pooche’s life, perhaps which is in fact what makes it so domesticated and pleasant in this day and age.

Me and Kirby just wanted to finally thank Anne Paws who generously making us this absolutely POSITIVELY adorable little picture of Kirby. Right now Pawsitively pets has a charity fundraiser going on where if you donate $1 (or more!) you will be not only helping a animal based charity but Ann will personally make you a fun Valentine’s greeting card, which I am going to be showing loud and proud on the right hand side, so if you click the button there you will be redirected to her fundraiser campaign. Also she will randomly select out of everyone who has donated with a charity in mind, which charity will be picked!


Thanks again Snoopy for the blog hop, click the button below to start a hoppin!


P.S.- IS anybody else’s wordpress reader so slow that it is just continually loading?I noticed they changed the layout for the new reader could this be the problem?