Laziest bloggers ever…sorry

Hey guys. So Kirby and I were just laying here and I thought I’d take some time and chat with you all. We have been busy being lazy, but also taking evening strolls, in which I have been enjoying. As we have recently discovered a little path that takes us into a  pretty tranquil forest.

I have been continually trying to work on Kirby’s interaction with other dogs. The thing I am trying to continually tame is the fact that if they are big and I guess “scary” looking to him – he will continually bark his head off at them if I try to urge him to say hello. He might even give a little fake jab if they keep avoiding his territory. Though if they are small he is sweet as a lamb usually. I have been researching various methods on how to help him with this, and it might appear I am exposing him too much, and by me trying to stop and make him say hello that is putting extra pressure and stress on him. So for now we have been just calmly walking by these bigger dogs, in which case he then doesn’t give them a second thought.

Anyways here is the little trouble maker in his Kermit the frog outfit. Yes, he likes to sleep with all his toys 🙂



At the shelter, I am happy to say. Although a few weeks ago there was 5-6 dogs up for adoption, there now is only one. He’s a older JRT, who has some sight issues and joint issues. When he first came there, every couple steps he was falling down. Though just last week he is now running around the play area I let him out in and seems to be doing a lot better. Which I am happy to report. Edit- Since writing this I am happy to say the little guy is now adopted! yayyy:)

IMAG1718 (1)

One more thing for all you WordPress bloggers, has anyone been getting an obscene amount of spam comments lately. The last few months I seem to get at least one or two every day even when I’m not posting. It’s quite annoying